Find the Right Talent for Permanent Roles

Our Permanent Placement service is designed to help you find and retain the best candidates for your business. Tell us about your open role, and receive highly skilled candidates with the in-demand skills and experience you’re looking for.

By partnering with TradesEmploy you unlock

Extensive Network

Access to a wide pool of qualified candidates across various industries.

Thorough Screening

Comprehensive vetting process to ensure the best fit for your organization.

Industry Expertise

Specialized recruiters with deep knowledge in sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, telecoms, and more.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Guarantee period to replace candidates at no additional cost if they do not meet expectations.

Our Trial and Tested Process

We follow a streamlined process to ensure that you get the best candidates quickly and efficiently.


Initial Consultation

Understanding your hiring requirements and goals


Customized Strategy

Developing a tailored recruitment plan.


Candidate Sourcing

Utilizing our extensive network and advanced tools to find top candidates.


Screening & Interviewing

Thoroughly vetting candidates to ensure the best fit.


Selection & Onboarding

Assisting with the final selection and onboarding process.

Elevate Your Recruitment Process With Us

Transform the way you hire and manage your recruitment process with our innovative solutions. Get in touch now and see the difference for yourself!